Huyen N. Nguyen

Dept. of Computer Science
Texas Tech University
huyen.nguyen (at)


I’m a Computer Science Ph.D. Candidate at Whitacre Jr. College of Engineering, Texas Tech University, advised by Prof. Tommy Dang at the interactive Data Visualization Lab (iDVL).

I develop interactive visualizations to help identify events and detect outliers in time-series data for various domains, including bio-medical, qualitative, social media, and cybersecurity data. Details are in my CV.

Since Fall 2021, I have been teaching CS2413 Data Structures Lab session for undergrad students. Looking forward to the day I get to teach Data Visualization!

Jan 2023
I presented a Guest lecture at University of Washington Bothell on Interaction in Visualization. Great discussions with colleagues and students on interaction and accessibility in visualization!
Sept 2022
I will present a talk at Bio+MedVis Challenge @ IEEE VIS 2022 with our work 🧬 Modie Viewer: Protein Beasts and How to View Them. This work is presented as a poster as well.
Sept 2022
Heading to Oklahoma for IEEE VIS 2022! Our paper of WordStream Maker: A Lightweight End-to-end Visualization Platform for Qualitative Time-series Data was accepted to NLVIZ: Workshop on Natural Language, Text, and Data Visualization.
Sept 2022
Our journal paper of MalView: Interactive Visual Analytics for Comprehending Malware Behavior was accepted to IEEE Access :)
Jun 2021
ACM Open Access: Interactive Qualitative Data Visualization for Educational Assessment, the collaboration supported by GRC - NASA Visionary Grant
Aug 2020
VAST Challenge 2020 🏆 Mini-Challenge 2 Award: Honorable Mention for Detailed Analysis of Patterns of Misclassification.
Nov 2019
NASA, Visionary Grant Award 🥇 administered by Gordon Research Conferences, for interdisciplinary research with our project entitled “Visualizing Qualitative Data for Science and Education”.