Huyen N. Nguyen


Jan 2023
I presented a Guest Lecture at University of Washington Bothell on Interaction in Visualization. Had a great time discussing with colleagues and students on interaction and accessibility in visualization!
Sept 2022
I will present a talk at Bio+MedVis Challenge @ IEEE VIS 2022 with our work Modie Viewer: Protein Beasts and How to View Them! We have a poster presented as well.
Sept 2022
I'm going to Oklahoma for IEEE VIS 2022! My workshop paper of WordStream Maker: A Lightweight End-to-end Visualization Platform for Qualitative Time-series Data was accepted to NLVIZ: Exploring Research Opportunities for Natural Language, Text, and Data Visualization.
Sept 2022
My journal paper of MalView: Interactive Visual Analytics for Comprehending Malware Behavior was accepted to IEEE Access :)
Jan 2022
I joined the STEM Center for Outreach, Research & Education (STEM CORE) at Texas Tech as a Graduate Student Affiliate!</b>
Sept 2021
• New paper accepted at ISVC 2021, on 2D and 3D Visualizations for Temporal and Structural Association in High-Performance Computing System.
• Mentor to student under Tech Intrapreneurship Program (TIP) - Scholarships in STEM (S-STEM). Sponsored by National Science Foundation (NSF) and Texas Instruments (TI).
Jun 2021
ACM Open Access: Interactive Qualitative Data Visualization for Educational Assessment, the collaboration supported by GRC - NASA Visionary Grant
May 2021
Two new papers accepted at IAIT 2021. One on visualization for education and one on Explainable LSTM for Multivariate Time Series.
Aug 2020
VAST Challenge 2020 🏆 Mini-Challenge 2 Award: Honorable Mention for Detailed Analysis of Patterns of Misclassification.
Nov 2019
NASA, Visionary Grant Award 🥇 administered by Gordon Research Conferences, for interdisciplinary research with our project entitled “Visualizing Qualitative Data for Science and Education”.